We are a two year, full-time master’s program – a creative fellowship of students, alumni, faculty, staff and industry leaders. We teach people how to use creativity to identify opportunities and solve problems for the world’s most innovative brands.

Over 65 million people live with epilepsy. About 40% of them are misdiagnosed. This needs to change.

Our upcoming diagnostic support tool will help experts distinguish between the 62 types of epilepsy. Patients enter detailed info on their symptoms into our app. Then, it sends the info to professionals with a list of the top 3 most likely diagnoses. Our study with Mayo Clinic found that it helped over 86% of subjects receive a correct diagnosis.

With an early and accurate diagnosis, you can spend less time wondering what’s wrong and more time getting the help you need.

As someone with both Down syndrome and autism in the family, I believe that the way we view disability needs to change. Disabled people need to be accepted and integrated into society, not pushed to the margins.

I write about what disability means, how it affects my family, and the importance of changing things for the better.

You may also enjoy my artwork!

Too many good ideas never get shared with the world. We’re here to make your dream become reality.

EpiBuild can build websites and apps, help you strategize, and market your ideas to the world.

Our teams include people with diverse talents who can meet your unique needs. Our specialists include designers, researchers, marketing professionals, contracted developers, and more. Let’s help your business shine.

Cogentica is a research organization dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged people through research.